The Rory Staunton Foundation

The Aisling Irish center

The New York Collegiate Team

The Irish Arts Center

The New York Irish Center

The Sarcoma Foundation

Donegal Football Club

Livingston Lacrosse Club

Donegal Association Inc.

Mid Hudson Sporting Ground (For Down Syndrome & MW Youth Soccer)

LOCAL 40 Special events

Loretta McGowan Foundation, Inc.

Sportsmen for Charity, Inc.

Sligo GAA

George & Diane Patisso & Frank Dosso Fund

Rockland GAA

Rockland Cty Dist. Att. Crim, Inv. Assoc.

Holy Name Foundation

Milestones for a Cure

MS Society

Touchdown Club (Manalapan HS Benefit)

St. Brendan’s GAA

The CJ Personette Fund

Avon Breast Cancer Walk

Team for Kids

Northwest Hospice

Dublin Gaelic Football of New York

New York Road Runners Foundation

National Down Syndrome Society

River Plaza Youth Club. Inc

Saint Dominic’s Home